School Rules and Regulations

1. School starts at 8 A.M., all students must attend Assembly.

2. Greet staff daily; show respect when entering/leaving class.

3. Rise and salute when a teacher or guest enters/leaves.

4. Get permission to leave class or School premises.

5. Tag bags, books, and bottles with pupil's name.

6. Play only within School premises during recess.

7. Wear clean uniform, maintain personal cleanliness, and hygiene.

8. Ensure regular attendance for a positive impression.

9. Parents play a role in academic progress and discipline.

10. Meet class teachers with Proctor's permission and appointment.

11. Sick students need a certificate to return to School.

Students can take final exams only if they've cleared all fees, including those up to June.

Enrolling and Leaving the School

1. The Principal has the authority to deny admission to any student without providing explanations.

2. To withdraw a student, a written notice of one quarter must be given; otherwise, one quarter's fee will be applied.

Garden Public School

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